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Oppa's menu incorporates both traditional and classical favourites with original and new dishes that deliver mouth watering food straight to your door. We have always strived for the best delivery service and we cordially invite you to come and give us a try. Oppa is recognized as the ultimate in collection and takeout Korean. Don’t hesitate, order an online takeaway right now!

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100 Kew Road
Richmond, TW92PQ

Favourite Menu Items


specially seasoned kimchi stew with tofu bean sprouts, baked bean and pork


stew consisting of ham, sausage, pork, kimchi, bean sprouts, baked bean and tofu


mixed seafood, tofu and vegetable casserole


sliced pork belly, prawm , beef spare rib, rib eye, baby octopus sweet and spicy chicken


short ribs in sweet korean bbq marinade


selected rib eye steak

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  • This is the most amazing restaurant in the whole of Richmond! We've been to, and have been ordering from this place for about a year now. We order on a weekly basis and not once was the food below standard. The food is simply great, well prepared, super fresh and I always feel that it's made with passion. The raddish is one of my fave things, and the bibimbap is just ace (good big portions too). Delivery is quick and I want to make a shoutout to one of the delivery lads (I don't know who he is) but he always hands me the bag in a way that it cannot rip or fall and he always tells me to support the (enormously filled - we order a lot) bag. How sweet is he? Whoever you are, that's just so attentive, so massive thank you for caring!


  • Food was nice quality, although delivered 35 mins late so cold and needed reheating Will definately try again but in the restaurant rather than delivered


  • Too little for one portion. Even when ordering two it still looked like you had ordered only one portion.


  • Fantastic Korean food! Recommended!


  • Portions very small, mains about half the size of standard take away sizes. A shame won't be ordering again.


  • Very nice


  • Very tasty high quality food, and a bit different to usual takeaways


  • Food was very good, had the dak bulgogi which I like but they should drain it a bit before sending as bottom of the container had a lot of oil.


  • The food itself was tasty, unfortunately it was stone cold when it arrived.


  • First time ordering, so I got a large selection. BBQ beef was amazing, as was the fried avocado. Also got the sweet and sour pork, which was by FAR the best I've had in the UK.


  • Food arrived lukewarm


  • Very authentic, tastes great.


  • Food was cooler than i would have hoped but nevertheless very tasty


  • The food could have been kept warmer.